Hopi Events Book 2020

Hopi Events Book 2020

What were the important events for HOPI in 2020? Find out about them in the Hopi Events Book.

We adapted to COVID. I grew. I built. We innovated and became stronger!

In Romania, as in previous years, we have developed our warehousing activities in the two key logistics centers in Timisoara and Bucharest. At DC Timisoara, our long-term cooperation with Procter & Gamblea continued to thrive, and our partnership was extended for the next period. At DC Bucharest, we initiated the first VAS operation for our traditional partner Fater. In 2020 we had as an important objective to develop our services in the field of transport. We have strengthened our international transport team and added new partners to our traditional customers.

Find out about the important events that marked our existence at Group level in Hopi Events Book (75 pages with quality content for not only business partners).
The English version is available here: https://www.hopi.cz/data/redactor/HEB_EN_web.pdf

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