7 ani pentru Hopi Romania

7 ani pentru Hopi Romania

We have been present for 7 years in the area of professional logistics services in Romania

7 years of activity in Romania in an extremely competitive market sector and 28 years in the position of regional provider of complete logistics services, demonstrate that the values of Hopi Holding are applied responsibly and respectfully for customers. We are happy to form together a group that enhances its services and acts under the umbrella of an integrated system, whose main beneficiaries remain our customers.

Today is about us. About each one and at the same time about all together. About everything that makes this team strong and winning. About the fight, about the commotion, about the happiness, about the laughter and gratitude… .or in one sentence, about you HOPI Romania. Happy birthday to all those who contributed and contribute to what is now, 7 years from the beginning, HOPI Romania!

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Responsabilitati principale (Parc Logistic P3, depozit 6, Chiajna): mutarea paletilor cu reachtruck din / in raft lucru cu scanner descarcare / incarcare cu liza electrica repaletizare baxuri pe palet sortare produse

salary: 0 - 0 Kč

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Our strength is: our high customer focus
and our satisfied employees.

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